The main difference between regular vs deep cleaning is the attention to detail. While regular cleaning is for your cleanliness upkeep, deep cleaning is a lot more extensive than a standard weekly clean.

Deep cleans involve a complete rubdown and giving attention to the often neglected and hard-to-reach spots


Anything inside your home that can be reached with a stool will be hand-wiped. Besides the in-depth approach, this type of cleaning also improves the overall sanitation and livability of your living space

Most cleaning companies require a deep clean if you’re a first-time customer. Thereafter, you can set a schedule for regular cleanings.

Another noteworthy difference between regular cleaning vs deep cleaning is the price. Deep cleans are always more expensive than regular home cleaning and take longer as well

The tasks between regular cleaning vs deep cleaning are almost the same but with a more detailed approach. Here are the ideal situations when you need a deep clean:

  • Most cleaning companies have a standard rule that your first-time clean should be a deep clean. This depends on the individual situation with West Knoxville Cleaning; in certain situations we will request you schedule a deep cleaning

  • When your house needs spring cleaning.

  • If you’re planning to host an event or party, deep cleaning is a great way to prepare your space for your guests.

  • If you’re moving out of an apartment, condo or rental, deep cleaning ensures that you’ll get your security deposit.

  • If you’re planning to sell your old home, deep cleaning is a must for staging and making your property more attractive to potential buyers

Due to the intensive labor & time used to clean baseboards, this is considered part of our deep cleaning regiment

Cleaning Products

West Knox Cleaning supplies all necessary cleaning products for your home or office. If you wish to supply specific cleaning items, we will be glad to make every effort to use the products you prefer. We also offer a full "green" clean using only products which are completely environmentally friendly. Just let us know when we are at your home for the initial walk-through, no problem!

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